Kirby Bewley

Episode #40

Kirby Bewley is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker from Oklahoma. Although trained as a trauma therapist, she is currently a faculty member for the social work program at the University of Oklahoma. In addition to being a trauma survivor herself, she uses eight years of experience in the field of social work to educate others on how to support those who have experienced mental health struggles.

Kirby loves the local church and has served in worship ministry and small group leadership for more than fourteen years. Kirby’s educational background is in social work and she is also passionate about leadership and helping people live into their potential. She speaks about these topics and faithfully blogs at

Kirby enjoys spending time with her husband, two daughters, cat, and dog, building community, playing board games, and – in true introvert fashion – curling up with a good book or writing.

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Facebook: Living Worthy

Instagram: @kirbybewley