Pouring Love Into It

Farras Seay – Content and Beyond

Episode #30

Farras Seay is the definition of a strong warrior. From her early stages in life until now she has endured many of life’s challenges and has persevered through it all. From an only child to having 3 brothers, recently married and having a child, she could not have overcome any of this without God.

She was approached at a young age and was asked if she knew Jesus, not sure of what that meant she carried a children’s bible with her for many years. Little did she know that Jesus was going to be her shoulder throughout her journey to come.

Knowing she has God by her side, Farras has gone from overly loud and too darn proud, to loyal and humble and beyond grateful. Farras has worked in customer service for over 15 years, she recently started her own business, Content and Beyond in July and became part of the Girl Power Alliance Family. T

hough her story is long, her strength is mighty, and always knows that God will never give her more then she can handle.

Connect with Farras:

Facebook: Farras Seay or Content and Beyond

Instagram: @farrasgayleseay or @contentandbeyond

Website: www.contentandbeyond.com