Opening The Sealed Book

Amy Sever – Million Dollar Earner

Episode # 024

Amy Sever was originally a Sports Massage Therapist, in 2000 Amy became involved in the fitness industry, and in just two years won 1 st Place in the North American Nova Championship and 2 nd in the World Galaxy Competition.

With that same focus, she stepped into the industry of Network Marketing, and in only three years achieved multi-millionaire status. She and her husband Steve built teams that turned into large networks of people for over 20 years.

From the beginning, Amy has focused on ministry as the foundation for everything she does, including weaving her vast Biblical knowledge into how she nurtures and builds teams of people. In 2012, she authored her book, “The Three Rs – Renewing the Spirit, Restoring the Soul, and Reconstructing the Body” – a powerful book that has helped thousands of women find freedom with every aspect of their lives ( In March of this year (2020), Amy Sever turned the focus of her ministry toward all of the events happening around the world today, and the heightened good vs evil battles that have been created between people and within governments in almost every country.

She exposes these battles and explains them Biblically on a daily basis through her private Facebook group, The Sealed Book, which has grown from 15 people to over 8,500 in just four months. Her 35 live broadcasts so far, can be seen there and on her Sealed Book channel on YouTube.

Connect with Amy:

Facebook: Amy Polk Sever

Instagram: @amysever