Catherine Schiffer – Entrepreneur, Fitness Competitor, Top Rated Real Estate Agent

Episode # 015

Catherine is not just a survivor but a thrived!

Her life started in 1968 and in those formative  years she was raised by a sexual predator and a mother with severe mental illness.

Her young life was filled with daily sexual emotional physical and spiritual abuse.

Her journey from there brought her face to face with countless obstacles and stuck stuck in a cycle of self abuse for many years.

Through her teens and into her 30’s she battled drug abuse alcohol abuse 2 failed marriages and many dysfunctional relationships in between. She raised 4 kids along this journey and they had to grow up really fast with her. As she approached her 40’s something shifted and she knew it was time to change or die. She surrendered her life to Jesus and that’s when her life took on entirely new and profound meaning. She walked through the doors of recovery and began the daunting journey of undoing all the wreckage in her life.

Now at 51 she can say she is free! Free of substance abuse, bitterness and free to love herself and others.”

She is a successful business owner a life coach an award winning athlete a mentor to many and the ceo of a non profit called one voice one mission.

Her commitment in life is to now take the gifts she has been given and share them with others.

Supporting men and women break free from the continual cycle of self abuse that arise from a tormented childhood.

She gives all credit to her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

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