Molly Totter Speaker & Sales Executive

Episode 008

Since the age of 14, Molly Trotter knew she wanted to be on television. Spotlight, adrenaline rush and not know what stories would come up next. For 5 years that was her life. It wasn’t how she envisioned it as a child because of the “politics“ that would be involved internally. About two years into the industry she knew it wasn’t for her because of the dangers they put her through, the amount of work they required of her and not actually living life at all because she was a slave to somebody else’s wants. In that time Molly was blessed to cover some g great stories and have new experiences, including a few ESPN tournaments. In the end, almost 5 years in the industry she was fired for a transformation photo she posted of herself to inspire others.

Molly realized this was a huge eye-opener and a huge relief at the same time that now she could be free to do whatever she wanted. One year before Molly left the news industry she was introduced to direct sales. That industry taught her a lot about herself, the environment she should be putting herself in, and personal growth.

Molly says that she is so grateful for the years she spent in direct sales, also known as network marketing. She started off with nutrition and then went into investing. Both are important to vital growth in anyone’s life and loves both still! They both gave her so much growth as a person as well as showing me how she wanted to truly impact people on a personal level. Now Molly truly has found a home. She gets to help people bring their dreams to life by showing them effective ways to grow their brands online. The online space is truly a gift that is being underutilized. So many people could have the impact they wanted, the following they wanted, and true legacy if they choose to do it right. Molly is grateful that she gets to help them turn that into reality through the Dream Factory. Molly is excited to grow her impact with more speaking and coaching in my future in the field of entrepreneurship and relationship coaching. She is excited to see what the future will unfold!

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