Marnie Viau

Episode #55

Over 25 years ago Marnie became very sick and was diagnosed with Depression and Anxiety Disorder and recently Bi-Polar 2 disorder, while practicing yoga and being convicted because of the underlying Hinduism that was hidden throughout, she began to pray and heard God say “sweet girl give this to me, worship me while practicing and that’s just what she did. She was going to combine them together for the Glory of God, and in 1993 Healing Yoga Ministries was Born. She wrote her first yoga class script, knowing nothing about yoga but applying poses with God’s promises. She knew this could provide healing to so many people who struggle with anxiety and depression. Fast forward to 2019 Marnie got her 200hr Christian yoga teacher certificate through Yahweh Yoga, and started taking the steps to make her dream become a reality. She is so passionate about sharing the word of God through her Yoga classes. Marnie is a Single mother to a 13 year old daughter she adopted when she was 9, and loves swimming with her and walking at the beach, enjoys sunsets, and playing with her dogs.

During these hard times, (2020) She got inspired to share her healing class script’s with other Christian yoga teachers, knowing how hard it could be to always come up with new class content and are now available through a PDF downloads…

We Love and support all Christ Centered yoga businesses.

Here are a few fun facts! Did you know? Now there are Christian based yoga schools that you can become certified in Christian Yoga

Did you know yoga is not a religion, it’s a methodology not a theology, it can be practiced by any religion or no religion at all, such as in a gym.

Did you know there are many styles of yoga, everyone is free to deliver their own style.  Buddhist have their own style, Christians are free to have their own style, Jewish are free to have their own style etc.

Did you know the meaning of yoga is union, “to join,” “to unite” also a yoking  “refers to linking with God.” Did you know that Christian yoga assumes that God is the origin of all truth and beauty and that things that are true can be redeemed and concentrated for his glory.

The word yoga from Sanskrit Yug which can be translated “to harmonize” “to bring together” or “to harness or yolk” as Christians we can apply this image of yoking a couple of ways.

Maybe we can apply this by pursuing harmony or communion with God bringing our lives in line with him, we seek to be yoked in relationship with God and by God, Jesus uses this image or metaphor when he invites us to take off the worlds harness and take on his yoke instead.

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