Liz & Lauren

Episode # 027

Meet Lauren and Liz – Co-Founders of Visionworks New York

The mission of this company is to help women deepen their faith and live a more purposeful life. Lauren and Liz use vision boards as a tool to assist clients in setting intentions, changing their thoughts, perspectives, and mastering the art of visualization.

Lauren is a single mother of two beautiful children, an interior designer and the owner of LBD Design Co. Liz a special education teacher and is also a single mother of two. Both women are devout members of the church and it was through the grace of God they were able to recover from years of trauma filled marriages, miscarriages, and divorces. These ladies have rebuilt their life around the love of their faith and found the recipe to living a life centered around God.

Connect with Lauren and Liz:

Instagram: @visionworksny