Dr. Anita Lee – Physical Therapist & Coach

Episode # 012

Dr. Anita C. Lee is a wife, mother of 3, wellness coach, physical therapist, entrepreneur, mentor and speaker. Using her life experience and physical therapy know-how, she has crafted step-by step solutions for modern day Mamas to create sustainable, holistic, lifestyle changes. Dr. Anita is the creator of  “Enjoying Your Wellness: The 90 Day Private Coaching Experience” where she helps mothers refocus on their goals so that they can become satisfied with their weight, maintain energy, become more alert, pass on healthy habits to their children, and honor God by honoring their bodies.Website: 

Website – https://www.dranitalee.com/

Facebook –   https://www.facebook.com/dranitalee

Instagram –  https://www.instagram.com/dranitalee