Faith & Fitness

Episode #032

Girl Power Alliance Guest: Theresa Fackler

Theresa Fackler has been in the fitness industry for 12 years now as an instructor, coach, personal trainer, and now, with my amazing husband, a gym owner. I have a love for boxing fitness and also for helping others find what fitness looks like for them now…at any age, any stage of life. Spending many years in a traditional corporate gym as an instructor in various programs I saw so many people who felt like they didn’t fit in, people who physically just could not always do what most people can, and those who were intimidated or too shy to even try at times.

This tore at my heart as God loves us all and wants us all to thrive and have strong, healthy bodies. I longed for a place that everyone would feel included and be given the opportunity to participate no matter what their physical challenges may be. She believes that God put this desire in her heart to have a place for people to come and feel a part of something, feel accepted, and feel like more than just a member. People know they matter when they are a part of EnVision Train Fitness. She has also found that she had been given an awesome platform to share Jesus with my clients and spread his light and love for everyone.


Facebook: Theresa Fackler

Instagram: @envisiontrainfitness