Riantha Naidoo – Coach & Financial Strategist

Episode # 025

Riantha Naidoo is a qualified Chartered Accountant and Life and Wellness Coach. An only child, she was born in South Africa and relocated to Auckland, New Zealand with her parents at the age of thirteen. Having completed her Bachelor of Commerce degree, majoring in Accounting and Commercial Law at the University of Auckland and having qualified as a Chartered Accountant, whilst working at PwC for nearly four years, Riantha moved back to South Africa to be with her Partner.

The world citizen that she is, Riantha, her Partner, and their Westie dog now live in Melbourne, Australia. Riantha may be in the Finance sector by profession, but also owns her own coaching company for women, called Ri-flection. She believes in the power of coaching and mentorship to unlock all potential and her hope is that every woman realizes that she is powerful beyond her wildest imaginations. She wants to help women on their journeys towards fulfillment, finding their purpose, self-worth, embracing their reflection.

Connect with Riantha:

Facebook: Riantha Naidoo

Instagram: @ri.flection